20 things to do before I’m 20

So basically I have less than a year until I am no longer a teenager and have to face up to being an adult. I can’t see this being a massive step up seeing as I can already cook myself a good four meals and make my own doctors appointments (if I leave it long enough), but here I go. I was going to do 20 things for 20 because What a Title! and what a nice treat for you guys but sadly I really don’t have that many goals so you’re stuck with 6. But at least I included some nice pics for you to look at, enjoy!

1. Get outta this damn country
I love England a whole lot and I am undeniably a home pigeon (a phrase I’m pretty sure I coined myself which I think is a combination of home bird and homing pigeon) but I need to see some new stuff for once. I haven’t left the country since I was 15, when I went to Australia for 3 weeks and saw kangaroos, wallabies, dingos, and that giant rubber duck called Rubberduckzilla (pic inserted below*). Nature is amazing. 16402365_1038557249584228_1838428339_n
*In this picture I have superimposed a nicer pic of my face onto my 2013 face because at that point I thought a middle parting and red lipstick was a good look for me. It was not.

2. Visit some of my home friends at their universities
One of my fav things about uni is that my boyf is at another uni but he’s incredibly close so I’m with him all the time and basically get the best of two unis, so more uni’s = alright alright alright. Also I actually really miss my friends.

3. Get a first in something at uni
That’s right – ya girl has been getting 2.1’s and 2.2’s all over the place (and a third but it was in maths and everyone knows it’s not a real subject)! Who knew that economics was hard, right? However I have high hopes that there are bigger and brighter things 2 come.

4. Attend another festival
A pretty basic one that stands every year and not a massive goal but seeing some more of my fav bands would be pretty neat. Also – not a festival but I bought my lucky bf and I tickets to see Glass Animals this March! He is very grateful for this selfless gift and it totally doesn’t benefit me whatsoever no not at all. I’mkiddingiloveglassanimalsthankswillforbeingabrilliantexcuseloveulol.

Fig 2.0 – The cru

5. Live in an actual house! With actual housemates!
An aim which is bound to come true before I am 20 thanks to a legally binding contract with a lettings agency, isn’t that great! Thanks to 3 house viewings and a hefty deposit, my uni favs and I will be living in a fab house next year with an actual living room, (big up certain Cov Uni halls for not having a common room/living space) a breakfast bar, double beds, sofas and a TELEVISION! This TV is big too guys, like really big. Most of my motivation to pass this year comes from that TV, which is obvs only accessible if I make it to second year. More practically – I live for the day when me and the boyf don’t have to share a single bed multiple times a week cos my neck is really starting to hurt and APPARENTLY I am difficult to sleep next to. ??????? aamaddyFig 3 – Me after hearing this slanderous accusation

6. Get out of my overdraft
On January 20th 2017 I finally made it out of my overdraft, shaking myself free of the debt that I had accumulated from ONE semester at uni (do u see some overdraft related rage peeking through here because if you don’t now you will soon) only to be BACK IN IT BY JANUARY 29TH GREAT LOVE IT THANKS UNI. It felt so good to be a free, unshackled woman for those sweet nine days. I dream of them now, as I pull out my student card to pay for milk in sains and a tear rolls down my cheek. Seen as my birthday is roughly one year away, I’d hope that I can manage to claw my way out of my ever-growing pool of debt by the time I am 20. But let’s be honest here – can I?

Wish me luck with my limited goals and fading adolescence! Can’t be as shit as 2016 right? …right?


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