How to cope with those inevitable Uni Sads

Another list from the Queen of Lists! What will she do next – another list? Probs. But here I am and I’m telling you how to deal with the phenomenon we all know far too well… the uni sads. Even the most closed off individuals will find themselves lying in bed looking up at the ceiling and thinking of all the weird things about home that you suddenly miss, which you never expected to miss at all. The local bus route, your conservatory, the big Lidl that your mum shops at. Weird shit like that. But seen as we’re at the very start of a brand new semester I though I’d lend a helping hand, hopefully before the uni sads kick in this time around, so that you have some more ideas on how to cope.

1. Watch Lost in Translation
Is this too strangely specific to lead with? Maybe. But there is something incredibly comforting about watching this film at uni. Recommended to me by my sister when she was at uni, I only really appreciated it for what it was in the past few months. When you feel a bit homesick or alienated it’s just perfect and completely comforting. Because after all even if you’re in Slough you’re still somewhere away from home (unless your home is Slough and in that case I am sorry I bet Slough is lovely) and you need some relaxing comfort movies. I also find childhood movies to make you feel the same kind of at ease, which has led to me watching the Lizzie McGuire movie an embarrassing amount of times.

2. Treat yo self
You’re probably already aware of this small phrase and all it’s infinite wisdom. But it really does not go amiss to treat yo self once in a while when at uni. My weird treat is buying those cheap Sainsbury’s sweets and some kind of ready meal (I am a sad human being I know). And really that’s enough to make me feel better on a bad day, or you can hit Asos. Don’t hit it too hard though lol that’s how you end up 300 pounds into your overdraft hahahaha not me though that was a friend hahahahahhaha haha…

3. Call/talk to your home friends
Probably the best thing we all did when we got to uni was the 2 weeks in Group Call. It was the most cathartic experience in the world, even if I did hold the phone to my face for so long that my ear got all red and sweaty. Sometimes you just don’t have the money even for the megabus, or you have seminar sheets that you’ve been avoiding for days. Even if you can’t call them just properly talk to them on fb or something because uni is deffo the most brilliant example of everyone going through the same shit but just in different parts of the UK. Also it’s great for finding out any hometown goss that you might have missed, and believe me there will be some.

4. Have a lil’ cry
A simple and finite piece of advice that I apply to all scenarios (not always intentionally I just cry all the time) but it’s v necessary. Also it’s really good to get it out when you’re in an appropriate scenario (aka at home alone in bed) or else you’re sitting in a seminar and you don’t understand some maths and whoops now you’re crying!!! This piece of advice is more appropriate for some than others though. For instance I’m a natural weeper so it’s not my most needed piece of advice, but tougher cookies might need some stimuli to open the flood gates. Useful resources include: Listening to any song by James Vincent McMorrow or watching that episode of Made In Chelsea where Louise breaks up with Alik.

I hope in some weird way this has helped you prepare for the next round of uni sads, and I hope that if you go on to do something great with your life you will cite me as helping you get there. If you do not cite me I will sue. This has been a legally binding blog post thank you and good night.


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