Midmads takes second year!

She's back at it. Old, unreliable Midmads! To be fair, I have been pretty busy since I last posted. Since summer ended it has been a non-stop wild ride and every spare moment I have I spend chilling with Will, cleaning my pitifully messy room so I can Instagram it, or watching MsMojo videos such … Continue reading Midmads takes second year!


What does it mean to go to a “good” university?

I was apprehensive when considering whether to write this post because I am aware that it would be incredibly easy for someone to see this as a bitter response from a Russell Group reject, instead of someone accepting this as a legitimate commentary. To be fair, it is both. If I had not missed the … Continue reading What does it mean to go to a “good” university?

An actual legit guide to moving in at uni

This one is for all those prospective first years, and for all those current uni students who have forgotten what they actually need to prepare for. And you should listen because this is coming from a girl who forgot all her cutlery when she moved into halls (every single fork, every single spoon) so I … Continue reading An actual legit guide to moving in at uni

What I have learned from my Economics degree (so far)

If you've ever heard me talking about my degree I am normally complaining about the maths involved or about the sheer amount of seminar sheets I have been avoiding. But an economics degree is a lot more than that, and truthfully I know this and I do actually enjoy it, I'm just an unreliable narrator. … Continue reading What I have learned from my Economics degree (so far)

Clearing: a year on

I wrote the majority of this post as I sat on the floor of my halls bedroom while Banks played softly in the background. That was the last night I spent in that room and I remember taking a tour around all of the various cupboards and drawers to say goodbye (I am overly sentimental … Continue reading Clearing: a year on

My biggest style inspos

Hello lovely! I have been absent for some time but this is my long awaited return post. I have been writing for The Tab a lot more recently so if you want to check me out there then please do! Here is a handy link for lazy ppl just like me: click here!!! I wanted … Continue reading My biggest style inspos